How Zoho Creator accelerates software delivery

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Low-code platforms offer many advantages to developers. Some offerings, such as Zoho Creator, handle the entire lifecycle of an app—from ideation and development to delivery and management—so you don’t have to juggle multiple tools.

A graphical, drag-and-drop app builder hosted in the cloud, Zoho Creator provides an abstract, yet powerful environment for developers to dive straight into application logic, skipping infrastructure, database, and other tedious implementations.

While low-code is an effective tool, many developers are yet to realize its potential. In this post, we’ll look at some real-world use cases of Zoho Creator and how it speeds up each phase of development and simplifies deployment.

Zoho Creator examples

Low-code is a vital part of app delivery, but there is a common misconception that it is intended only for small-scale development. The job of a low-code platform is to simplify the work involved in delivering enterprise-class apps, regardless of complexity. As Forrester says, you can develop software 10x faster with low-code platforms than you would by traditionally coding it.

So, what can you build with Zoho Creator? Our customers have built a range of apps from simple call logs to mission-critical ERP systems.

Aboitiz Equity Ventures (AEV), a Philippine conglomerate, rolled out a project management app in three weeks using Zoho Creator. With more than one thousand workflows to suit AEV’s diverse market, the app scales as dynamically as the company’s needs, without manual intervention. AEV has built more than 40 apps on Zoho Creator for its departmental needs. These include day-to-day apps such as an online parking system, inventory, pricing approval, and customer feedback apps.