Would you buy an SSL certificate from this man?

Posted on 11-08-2015 , by: Serdar Yegulalp , in , 0 Comments

Never one to pass up a PR opportunity, John McAfee is preparing to overturn the security certificate industry … or so he claims.

According to Silicon Angle, a new venture by McAfee, BlackCert, will sell SSL (actually TLS) certificates at a price point and backed by protections that McAfee claims to be unmatched elsewhere in the industry. The hard part is figuring out where McAfee’s marketing ends and innovation begins.

McAfee’s pitch for BlackCert involves a few key selling points: unlimited server licensing, liability protection for each certificate, and prices that are meant to undercut the competition. The last of these seems true:¬†DigiCert has a one-year certificate, priced at $175, available for¬†unlimited servers, while BlackCert’s basic SSL (also for unlimited server use) is $69.

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