Apple’s Swift cracks RedMonk’s top 15 in record time

Posted on 20-03-2017 , by: admin , in , 0 Comments

Swift, Apple’s successor language to Objective-C, has made great strides in the latest biannual RedMonk Programming Language Rankings, moving up to a tie for 11th spot, after placing 17th in the mid-year 2016 rankings.

Released last Friday, the rankings also show Microsoft’s TypeScript, Google’s Go, and Mozilla Rust making progress. The rankings are based on a recently retweaked formula that assesses code usage in GitHub and language discussions in Stack Overflow.

Finishing from first to fifth were JavaScript, Java, Python, PHP and, tied for fifth, C# and C++. These were the same spots these languages held in the June 2016 rankings (although Ruby, which had tied for fifth last time around, slipped to a seventh-place tie with CSS). But it was beyond the top names where RedMonk cited significant movement.

Swift placed 11th in the current rankings, tied with Scala and Shell and behind Objective-C, which came in 10th place. “Swift has reached a Top 15 ranking faster than any other language we have tracked since we’ve been performing these rankings,” RedMonk Principal Analyst Stephen O’Grady said. “Its strong performance from a GitHub perspective suggests that the wider, multiplatform approach taken by the language is paying benefits.”