Mesosphere’s new big data solution: Add Spark, hold the Hadoop

Posted on 20-08-2015 , by: Serdar Yegulalp , in , 0 Comments

Mention big-data tools like Spark andĀ Kafka to most enterprise users, and the other big-data tool that comes to mind along with them is Hadoop. But does it need to?

Mesosphere, corporate backers of the Apache Mesos cluster-management project, are ginning up a big-data stack that eschews Hadoop, but embraces Spark (and Kafka, and Cassandra, and the Akka event framework) for real-time processing.

Mesosphere Infinity is “a turnkey, full-stack offering optimized for big data and IoT,” and its main aim is to provide an easily erected stack for businesses for real-time data work. It also stands as a recent example of how many of the technologies reflexively associated with the Hadoop stack don’t require Hadoop to be useful.

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