Node.js exec director: Our project is transformational

Posted on 21-04-2017 , by: admin , in , 0 Comments

The Node.js Foundation was formed in 2015 to serve as a steward over the Node.js sever-side JavaScript platform, providing a new governance model and taking over leadership from Joyent. Now, the foundation has hired its first executive director, Mark Hinkle, who had been vice president of marketing at the Linux Foundation. Hinkle will work to expand the foundation and articulate priorities.

Hinkle sees use cases for Node.js growing, including IoT (internet of things). InfoWorld Editor at Large Paul Krill recently talked with Hinkle about his new job and what is next for the platform.

InfoWorld: Why the need for an executive director for the Node.js Foundation at this point?

Hinkle: User growth has been phenomenal. And the general experience that developers have when using Node.js has been amazing. But there still needs to be administration to help facilitate and coordinate resources between companies and users. There are some things that we’re working on—for example, the Node.js certification coming out, making sure we have a proper launch, which is a little bit different than doing the software launch. We want to make sure we have good places for the developers to collaborate, making sure our conferences are growing. The core individual members that joined early on were savvy on contributing to open source. This project goes well beyond the bounds of people that are well-versed in open source.