PostgreSQL moves toward NoSQL-style scaling

Posted on 21-08-2015 , by: Paul Krill , in , 0 Comments

EnterpriseDB will make its open source PostgreSQL relational database more attuned to a NoSQL world, with plans to add autosharding capabilities.

Speaking at this week’s NoSQL Now conference in San Jose, Calif., Bruce Momjian, senior database architect at EnterpriseDB, talked about plans for the database, also known as Postgres. “In the next year or two, we’re actually doing a major push to add auto-sharding to Postgres so that you can have dozens of Postgres servers all working in a unified way, sharing transactions, sharing workloads,” he said. “So now, Postgres can take on the kind of workloads that historically only NoSQL can take on because it had multi-node capability.” Postgres is limited in this fashion right now, he said.

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