Stack Overflow reveals the most-disliked programming languages

Posted on 01-11-2017 , by: admin , in , 0 Comments

When it comes to which languages developers like and dislike, Stack Overflow has some insight. Based on the languages developers tagged as those they would not like to work with in their Stack Overflow Jobs profiles, the company has found that Perl, Delphi, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), and PHP are the most disliked programming languages, while R, Kotlin, TypeScript, and Rust are the least disliked.

Stack Overflow, which provides an online community for developers, studied the popularity of languages based on the Developer Story submissions on the Stack Overflow Jobs portion of the site. The data was released on Tuesday.

The least-disliked programming languages, based on at least 2,000 mentions:

  1. R
  2. Kotlin
  3. TypeScript
  4. Rust
  5. Bash
  6. Clojure
  7. Swift
  8. Python
  9. JavaScript
  10. Go

The most-disliked programming languages: