Under Eclipse, changes to Java EE begin

Posted on 03-10-2017 , by: admin , in , 0 Comments

As part of the change in ownership of Java EE (Enterprise Edition) from Oracle to the Eclipse Foundation, how Java EE works and is managed are starting to change.

For one, Oracle is making the Java EE technology compatibility kits (TCK), which ascertain if an implementation is compliant with Java, available via open source. Eclipse Executive Director Milinkovich called this “a very fundamental change to the dynamics of this ecosystem.”

Under the open-sourcing of the TCKs, users themselves can test for compliance instead of relying on what Milinkovich termed the previous “pay-to-play model” to confirm compliance—with Oracle using the TCKs as a way to exercise control over the Java EE ecosystem, he said. This open-sourcing of the TCKs should hopefully bring other providers to Java EE table, building implementations, Milinkovich added.

Now that it has control of Java EE, Eclipse will review Oracle’s plans for Java EE and make any adjustments it believes are necessary. But is still expected to add cloud and microservices capabilities similar to what Oracle had planned for Java EE, Milinkovich said.