Unwanted by Oracle, Java EE gets adopted by Eclipse

Posted on 13-09-2017 , by: admin , in , 0 Comments

The Eclipse Foundation is set to become the new steward of enterprise Java, taking over from Oracle, which no longer wants to manage Java EE.

As part of the adoption, Java EE will likely get a new name, something Oracle recommended in its proposal to have a foundation adopt Java EE.

A month ago, Oracle said it would end its stewardship role of Java EE and turn it over to an open source foundation. Following consultations with Java partners such as IBM and Red Hat and after meeting with several foundations, Oracle has settled on an organization that has had a long history in Java development: the Eclipse Foundation. Eciipse created its popular Eclipse IDE and managed multiple other Java technologies.

Oracle cited Eclipse’s experience in Java EE and related technologies as why it is transferring Java EE to Eclipse. “This will help us transition Java EE rapidly, create community-friendly processes for evolving the platform, and leverage complementary projects such as MicroProfile,” said Oracle software evangelist David Delabassee. (MicroProfile arose as a Red Hat- and IBM-driven effort to fit Java EE with microservices capabilities last year after part of the Java community feared that Oracle was neglecting the platform. MicroProfile has since moved over to Eclipse.)