What’s new in NativeScript

Posted on 21-11-2017 , by: admin , in , 0 Comments

NativeScript, a framework for native mobile application development leveraging JavaScript technologies, is being outfitted with starter templates to streamline the development process. The templates are among a series of enhancements being made to the platform.

The templates are part of NativeScript Sidekick, a GUI client companion to the NativeScript command-line interface. Sidekick was introduced on Tuesday. Along with the templates, Sidekick contains plugins, cloud builds, and debugging support. Progress Software, the developer of NativeScript, offers Sidekick as a free download.

Featuring a set of cross-platform abstractions and runtimes, open source NativeScript allows you to develop native mobile apps with JavaScript, TypeScript, or Angular. A NativeScript runtime translates between JavaScript/TypeScript/Angular and the native APIs on Apple iOS and Google Android, allowing developers to write an application just once to support both platforms. 

Other new and forthcoming improvements for NativeScript: