What’s new in React 16.3 JavaScript UI library

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React 16, the latest version of the popular JavaScript library for building UIs, was updated in late Maarch 2018 to Version 16.3.

Where to download React

You can download React 16 from the project’s GitHub page.

Current version: What’s new in React 16.3

The Version 16.3 release of Facebook’s React JavaScript UI library brings life cycle changes as well as an API for context.

Life cycle changes in React 16.3

For the component life cycle, the upcoming async rendering mode stretches the class component API model, which is being used in ways that were not originally intended. So, new life cycles are being added, including getDerivedStateFromProps, as a safer alternative to the legacy life cycle, componentWillReceiveProps. Also added is getSnapshotBeforeUpdate, to support the safe reading of properties, such the DOM before updates are made.