What’s new in Ruby 2.6

Posted on 28-02-2018 , by: admin , in , 0 Comments

Ruby, one of the more venerable dynamic languages, now has available the first beta release of Version 2.6.

What’s new in the Ruby 2.6 beta

Ruby 2.6.0’s first beta is now available, featuring what its creators describe as a unique twist in just-in-time compilation: The implementation prints the C code to disk and a C compiler process is produced to generate native code.

This first beta provides just the infrastructure for just-in-time compilation, with very few optimizations. The Ruby team is verifying compiler compatibility with various platforms and  trying to find security risks before the production release of Ruby 2.6. In the beta, just-in-time compilation is supported only when a Ruby app is built by the GCC compiler or Clang and the compiler is available at runtime. Plans call for implementing method inlining in the compiler, to significantly increase performance. Support for Microsoft’s Visual Studio IDE is planned as well.

Other features in the beta include: