What’s new in Rust 1.25

Posted on 30-03-2018 , by: admin , in , 0 Comments

Version 1.25 of the Rust systems programming language is now available, featuring an upgrade to its LLVM (Low-Level Virtual Machine) compiler infrastructure that improves support for the WebAssembly portable code format, which itself is designed to improve the performance of web applications.

The latest Rust version also has improvements for the Cargo package manager and library stabilizations.

Where to download Rust

You can install Rust using your terminal and entering the following command: curl https://sh.rustup.rs -sSf | sh

What’s new in Rust 1.25

New Rust features from the LLVM upgrade

The Rust language has been upgraded to LLVM 6 from LLVM 4. This lets Rust keep abreast of the upstream WebAssembly back end and pick up new features when they land.