What’s new in the React JavaScript UI library

Posted on 11-02-2019 , by: admin , in , 0 Comments

Now available in production release, Version 16.8 of the React JavaScript UI library has the hooks capability, for using state and other React features without having to write a class.

Where to download React

You can download the producton version of React from GitHub.

Current version: New features in React 16.8

Released in February 2019, React 168 provides an implementation of hooks for React’s DOM, DOM server, test renderer, and shallow renderer. Hooks are supported in React DevTools. Developers can build their own hooks to share reusable stateful logic among components. But Facebook advises developers to take their time with this capability, not recommending that developers rewrite applications to use hooks “overnight.”

There are no plans to remove classes from React, so developers should try hooks in some new components. Code usingeveraging hooks will work alongside existing code using classes.