What’s next for the Aurelia JavaScript framework

Posted on 08-01-2018 , by: admin , in , 0 Comments

This should be a busy year for Aurelia, a JavaScript client framework that emphasizes use of focused modules. It is being groomed for improvements ranging from server-side rendering to state management.

Developers of the project also have ambitions to improve the platform’s user experience framework, Aurelia UX. A full conversion of Aurelia to TypeScript is being considered as well, although that could happen after 2018.

Sponsored by Blue Spire, Aurelia features a collection of open source modules and is intended for developing mobile, desktop, and browser apps. The framework has been forked roughly 600 times in GitHub and has more than 10,000 stars in that venue.

Where to download Aurelia

You can download the basic Aurelia project setup file from the Aurelia project website.