Windows 10 upgrade scams are only warming up

Posted on 03-08-2015 , by: Serdar Yegulalp , in , 0 Comments

It was inevitable. Within mere days of Windows 10 rolling out to PCs worldwide, criminal hackers set to work fooling potential upgraders as a way to deliver ransomware to PCs.

Security researcher Stu Sjouwerman of KnowBe4, LLC, says this is only the beginning of the problem.  And it’s one of many examples of how criminal hackers ride current events as a way to cheat the unsuspecting.

A trendy scam

For criminals to exploit the Windows 10 upgrade process, Sjouwerman explained in a phone call, shows their ongoing tenacity. Just as legitimate news publications keep an editorial calendar and set up coverage based on seasonal events, anticipated news, or breaking stories, phishing campaigns are tailored to exploit them as well.

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